What would you rather see $1.2 billion spent on other than a freeway?

YTAG, Bridgeview Community Action Group, Sunbury Neighbourhood Association, and Gateway Sucks are all participating in this newest and most promising campaign against the South Fraser Perimeter Road.

Current transportation minister Shirley Bond is the target. She appears not to be too involved in the Gateway project, and little informed about the SFPR. Shirley even referred to the SFPR at one point as the “Simon Fraser Perimeter Road”. It’s time to inform her about this freeway, and to inform her that we don’t want it!

“Sand for Shirley” involves individuals, such as yourself, filling out the following: “I want our government to invest in ____________________ not freeways.” The forms will then be attached to an envelope, which will be filled with a scoop of the sandy pre-load that currently covers the more boggy areas of the proposed freeway’s route.

The message for Shirley? Take it back, we don’t want it!!!

The campaign was kick-started on Sunday July 25th at International Bog Days. For updates on where to find campaigners and what events they will be attending, check out http://sandforshirley.wordpress.com/ and look under the tab “Send Sand”.

If you are unable to attend an event and send sand in person, you can fill out the online petition here. For every signature, one scoop of pre-load will be added to send to the Minister of Transportation Shirley Bond.

Remember: It’s far from being too late to stop the SFPR. The government is short on funds, the pre-load must sit for 2-5 years, there is no contract for the actual paving of the road, and there is a massive amount of public opposition.

Come take part in a campaign that is looking out to be EPIC!